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Arrow’s Newborn Photo Session

Updated: Aug 10

Maui Newborn Photography

Aesha with her 9-day-old son Arrow.

Maui Family Photography

Lily, Lanham and Arrow share this beautiful moment together.

A few blog posts back I posted my first maternity session with soon-to-be-mom Aesha. Well today, I am happily posting her son Arrow’s newborn photo session which was photographed last weekend. Arrow was born on March 20 though his anticipated due date was February 22. She waited patiently for his arrival and was so excited to be able to do this photo session with her first child!

Maui Newborn Photo Session

This hat and diaper cover were adorable on Arrow and are a few of the newborn props I have for baby boys. So cute!

Arrow is a quiet, pleasant newborn which, of course, made my job a little easier.  And at just 9 days old, Arrow was easy to pose. The newborn photo session took place at her home where I brought my entire newborn studio. I set  up in her living room next to a wall full of sliding glass doors which let in beautiful natural light that I was able to utilize for the session. I brought a good variety of backgrounds, blankets and props so that we would have a lot to choose from.

Maui Newborn Photographer

Lanham lovingly holds son Arrow.

Not only did we take pictures of Aesha and Arrow, but we were also able to photograph the baby’s father, Lanham, and his 7-year-old daughter, Lily, who was just meeting her new baby brother for the first time! It was pretty cool to see that unfold. It was such a beautiful moment between the three of them that I think they will really cherish years from now.

Arrow is of Hawaiian descent so I wanted to create a photo illustrating his Hawaiian ancestry. In Aesha and Lanham’s backyard they have monstera trees which have large beautiful leaves that made for a perfect background to pose Arrow on. This part of the newborn photo session came at the end of the shoot, but Arrow was still doing well after a long day of being photographed. So glad we did this photo!

Maui Newborn Photos

This beautiful monstera leaf was found right outside their back door!

If you would like to read Aesha’s review of her photo sessions, just click here.

You can book a newborn photo session with me by clicking here or you can call me at 808-344-1550.

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