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Maui Vow Renewal Photography Session at Poʻolenalena Beach, Wailea

Updated: Aug 10

Maui Vow Renewal Photography-8715

Not surprisingly, the young couple did not have a photographer to document their wedding, so it was very important for them to hire someone to do their Maui vow renewal photography. Selina actually admitted the photos probably meant more to her than the whole trip to Maui!

So the two were open to take lots of photos. And that we definitely did!

Wailea Vow Renewal Photographer-8621
Maui Vow Renewal Portraits-8631
Maui Vow Renewal Photographer-8676
Maui Family Photography-8667
Wailea Vow Renewal Photography-8707
Maui Beach Portrait Photographer-8772
Wailea Beach Portrait-8779
Wailea Vow Renewal Photo Session-8731
Maui Beach Vow Renewal Photos-8617
Maui Documentary Family photographer-8801

The couple invited their son and a few of their closest friends to Maui with them to celebrate this milestone anniversary. One of their friends even officiated the vow renewal.

Maui Vow Renewal Ceremony-8855
Beach Vow Renewal Photographer on Maui-8849
Maui Vow Renewal Ceremony photos-8832
Wailea Beach Vow Renewal Ceremony photos-8863
Maui Documentary Photographer-8890
Maui Couples Photography-8902

What an awesome couple! Thanks, Selina and Chris, for the privilege of photographing this very special ceremony for you. And congratulations on twenty beautiful, loving years together!

If you would like to book a photo session for your vow renewal on Po’olenalena Beach, just click here to contact me or call me directly at 808-344-1550.

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