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My Business Goals for 2014

Updated: Jan 10

Photo of rainbow in Hawaiian sky with clouds in the background

A rainbow appeared in front of my house yesterday. Rainbows represent a new beginning and are a sign of good luck and fortune on its way. Seems like a positive way to start off the new year with my business goals in mind!

With 2013 behind me, I am happily looking forward to all the exciting things I hope to happen this year. I spent the second half of 2013 learning as much as possible about the photography industry in hopes of being able to be a full-time photographer in the next year or two.  Now it is time to start making it happen. So 2014 is a very important year for me, one in which I am putting myself in the hot seat and holding myself to more specific goals and deadlines.  Here are my top five business goals:

1. Manifest Success: One thing I’ve learned about being successful is that you have to believe you are worthy of the success. You also have to be ready! By putting all my business systems in place, I am more confident and prepared for bringing in more clients.

2. Consistent Social Media Marketing/Blogging:  My website was redesigned a few months ago with social media icons peppered throughout my site. I was already on Facebook and LinkedIn. I  started a Google+ page and Pinterest page as those are social media sites that are becoming very important marketing tools.  I have also started my blog and newsletter, both of which I will be writing on a regular basis. It is important for me to be consistent on these so, by making this one of my five goals, I am holding myself accountable here on my blog where it is written for all the world to see!

3. Buy New Camera Gear: This will hopefully be happening soon. I plan to get 2 new camera bodies, the Nikon D800, 3 new lenses, a new computer and lighting accessories. Investing in this new gear will also serve as motivation for my future success. This is not a small purchase and one which I will be working hard to pay for. This gear is also very necessary for keeping up with all the changes in technology.

4. Develop and Maintain Relationships in my Community: Part of having a successful photography business is to develop and maintain good relationships with those in your community who serve the same clientele as you. I have a lot to offer local businesses and have many ideas that will help other businesses as well as my own.

5. Higher Level of Creativity with Photo Sessions: Being on Pinterest and seeing all the really cool, creative photographers’ work out there has been so inspiring. Definitely makes me want to take my work up a notch and get more creative while also using props more which can really make the session more fun and interactive.

Thinking about and writing down these goals has been a great way to get organized in my head with what I need to do to manifest success in my business in 2014. It will be interesting to look at this blog post a year from now and see what I have accomplished.

Wish me luck! And sign up for my newsletter to the left of this post to keep up with what’s going on with Robin Christman Photography, including any specials I might be having. Aloha!

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