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My First Maui Senior Photography Session

Updated: Jan 8

Teen poses in head piece for Maui senior photo session.
Alex Kitterman, 17, came to Maui in March with her family and had her senior photos done with me. This was my first senior photo session, and sweet Alex made it fun and easy!

This past spring break I got the opportunity to photograph a sweet midwestern family from Iowa, the Kittermans. This was their first time to Hawaii, and they wanted not only some nice family photos, but some senior high school photos for their 17-year-old daughter Alex who will be a senior next year. This was my first Maui senior photography session, and I liked it so much I am seriously considering specializing in it!

Before the Kittermans came to Maui, Alex’s mom, Michelle, and I discussed what the family envisioned for their shoot. She made it very clear they wanted to focus mostly on Alex. Alex is a dancer who is photographed frequently for her dance performances, but Michelle also just wanted to get some great images of her beautiful teen that showed her true personality. Michelle described her sweet daughter as reserved, yet confident, and someone who doesn’t like being in the spotlight by herself, “Even though she is a confident person she tends to come off as shy and quiet. She has more of an introvert personality, but she also has a stage side. As a child Alex never wanted her picture taken…but when she steps onto the stage she becomes a different person. She is very photogenic and lights up the stage when she dances.”

Teen girl poses for senior photo session on Maui

Teen girl poses with flower crown for photo session on maui

Teen girl poses for photo under palm tree leaf

Alex’s reserved confidence definitely came out during our time together. She lit up the images and seemed to feel very comfortable for our shoot. She was a photographer’s dream in that she was up for anything, pleasant, relaxed and just an all-around sweet girl!

Teen girl poses in dress in vine strewn field on maui

Teen girl poses in flower crown under willow tree on maui

Teen girl poses leaning against black rock on maui during senior photo session

Thanks Michelle for choosing me to be your Maui family photographer! And thank you Alex for being my first senior photo subject! It was truly my pleasure to have this opportunity!

If your family is coming to Maui this summer and would like a Maui senior photography session for your teen, you can contact me here or you can call me directly at 808.344.1550.

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