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Why Outdoor Family Photoshoots Are Trending Right Now

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Family of four posing for family photo in outdoor mountain setting
Outdoor photo sessions allow for more variety of backgrounds and spontaneous moments among the family.

Moments are what really define a family and what makes up its character, moments filled with laughter, surprise, and love. Even though these brief seconds are permanently imprinted in our minds, there is an increasing urge to preserve them in some way. Cue the family photo session!.The setting for these photographs? Outdoor photo sessions. These are becoming an increasingly popular option, particularly in this beautiful state we live in! There are so many great outdoor options here in Colorado. Here are just a few.

So why do Moms love outdoor locations for a Denver family photo shoot?

The Surrounding Natural Scenery:

A Sense of Place

The city of Denver, Colorado is surrounded by terrain that ranges from the spectacular peaks of the Rockies to peaceful lakes and pastures, providing a variety of settings that are both unique and naturally beautiful. Using a naturally beautiful background not only improves the content of the shot, but also infuses the photographs with a personal touch, as it allows the viewer to associate memories with familiar locations.

The Beauty of the Seasons

Denver is a city that is beautiful in all four seasons, from the cold and snowy winters to the colorful autumns, flower-filled springs, and balmy summers. Because the landscape is always changing, it's possible for families to use a variety of settings for their yearly photo sessions, allowing them to tell a new tale each time.

Family in colorful fall sweaters in front of tree with leaves changing
Fall is the most popular season for family photo sessions in Denver.

Moments That Are Interactive And Authentic:

An Atmosphere That Is Playful

Young children often feel confined and restless when they are in a studio setting. The great outdoors offer a large amount of play space. Their candid spontaneous expressions are easy to capture when engaged in a fun outdoor activity such as playing catch, chasing after butterflies, or throwing leaves up into the air. This sense of humor is reflected in images in a way that is both alive and genuine.

Being Willing to Embrace the Unexpected:

Outdoor photo sessions are often full of unexpected twists and turns, whether it be a sudden gust of wind, an unanticipated rain, or even a photobombing squirrel. These unforeseen occurrences, rather than being a detriment, may provide a one-of-a-kind flavor to photographs.

The Gorgeous Colors of the Golden Hour:

The Power of Natural Lighting

Lighting is super important in photography, and the golden hour has a natural glow that is unmatched by any other times of day. This time of day, just after sunrise and right before sunset, is unique in Denver because of the city's height and location. The golden hours tend to last a little longer too, and the colors get more intense here, which means there are plenty of opportunities to get the photo just right!

Shadows and Silhouettes

The interplay of light and shadow that occurs during the golden hours may provide some really jaw-dropping images. When the sun is low on the horizon, it is a great time for photographers to play with silhouettes of the family, which adds a fun, more artful look to their photographs.

Silhouette of couple under tree at sunset
This silhouette photo of a couple was taken at sunset.

Infinite Opportunities

The city of Denver, Colorado is home to more than just mountains and parks. Graffiti-covered walls, historic streets, and modern architecture also contribute to Denver's vibrant urban culture. It's possible to photograph a family in both a wilderness and urban setting in one photo session without having to drive a long distance. For example, we could start out shooting in RiNo Art District where colorful murals and graffiti are everywhere then finish the session in the foothills or mountains for a natural wilderness setting too!

A Trend that Isn't Going Away

The trend of having outdoor family photoshoots, which combine fun, candid moments with the natural beauty of our state, is one that is not going away any time soon.

If you would like to chat about an outdoor family photo session with me, any time of year, you can contact me here and we can come up with the best spots for your family's photo session! You can also book a session by going here.

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