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Aesha’s Maternity Photo Session

Updated: Jan 10

Studio photo of pregnant Mom posing in front of white background for her maternity photo session

I used a high-key lighting set-up in this photo, and Aesha wore her own headpiece.

My first maternity photo session with my friend Aesha started in my living room-turned studio. My newborn studio is too small for the lighting set-up I had planned, so me and my assistant, Beverly, turned my living room into a studio fairly easily. By moving some furniture and setting up the backdrop and lighting, we converted my living room in about a half hour!

We started with some high-key shots of Aesha that came out beautiful. High-key is a technique in which the white background is overexposed to eliminate shadows and the whole scene is mid-gray tones to white tones. Aesha brought her own clothing and jewelry which turned out to be perfect for the session. In the photo pictured here, she wore her own headpiece that made her look like a greek goddess! She looked absolutely amazing! Aesha had her hair and eyelashes professionally done, and she did her own makeup. It also helped that she had a natural pregnancy glow to her!

In the second part of the photo session, I used a low-key technique in which the background is dark and there is one light on your subject. This set-up creates a more moody effect.  I love these photos as well, however, the high-key shots are my favorite!

After wrapping things up at my house, we headed down to the Honokohau Harbor Beach in Kona to meet up with Aesha’s boyfriend Lanham for photos of the three of them together. This was scheduled at sunset and worked out perfectly. While we didn’t have a lot of time before the sun set, we had enough time to get several amazing photos of Aesha and Lanham that we were all very happy with.

Pregnant woman poses with her partner on the beach at susnet.

Aesha and Lanham on Honokohau Harbor beach in Kona at sunset.

All in all, I think this being my first maternity photo session, it went very well, and I look forward to many more. Aesha made the whole process very easy by being a great subject, who was prepared with outfits, jewelry, a great attitude and a gorgeous glow! If you liked this post and would like to sign up for my newsletter, you can do so at the left of this blog post. You can also share this post on any of the social media sites below.

If you are coming to Maui and would like to book a maternity photo session with me, just click here to contact me or you can call me at 808-344-1550.

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