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Arrow’s One-Month Newborn Photo Session

Updated: Jan 10

Mom dressed in white holds her newborn baby close to her in studio portrait session

Aesha with one-month-old son Arrow.

Last month I posted Arrow’s newborn photo session with Mom Aesha and Dad Lanham. Last week we did another session with the threesome for Arrow’s one-month-old birthday. We were able to get some more intimate shots of the three of them, some more of mom and son, and some nice details shots.

Father holds his newborn son's feet in his hands.

Cute little baby feet.

Mom and Dad hold their newborn son's hands in theirs

Love this shot of their hands!

Mom kisses newborn son's forehead while Dad looks on during a newborn studio photo session

Mom looks at the camera as Dad kisses their newborn son during studio photo shoot.

Aesha and Lanham with one-month-old Arrow.

I would love to hear your opinion! What is your favorite photo from this session? You can comment in the comment box above right, and you can share this post by clicking on any of the social media sites below.

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