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Denver’s City Park is a Great Location for Family Photo Session

Updated: Aug 10

The Feldman family enjoyed a family photo session at City Park recently. City Park is one of very few spots in Denver with a cityscape at sunset.


City Park is the largest and one of the oldest parks in Denver. It houses the Denver Zoo, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, an arboretum, many trees and gardens, a rentable pavilion, two lakes, three sports fields, tennis courts, picnic sites, and two playgrounds on its 330 acres of land. There is so much to explore at this beautiful urban park just east of downtown Denver!

As a Denver family photographer, I love this location because I can get lots of different backgrounds at all times of the year. This is one of the only city and mountain views at sunset in the city.

This location next to Ferril Lake at City Park makes for an amazing fall photo location spot for Denver families. Kids love to play with the fallen leaves.

Ferril Lake is where I do a lot of my photo shoots as it offers many photo opportunities. In addition to the lake, this is where the pavilion is located. There is a path that winds around the entire lake and numerous mature trees and park benches.

I love photographing families on the sidewalk that goes around the lake. The trees offer a nice frame.

This was also photographed next to Ferril Lake but taken in the spring where the trees and grass are a beautiful shade of green. The shade of the trees offers great coverage from the sun during a family photo session.

The grassy area covered in leaves makes a beautiful but also comfortable spot for families to pose in a seated position.

Kids love to play by the lake and check out the geese when they’re in the water.

Another location I like to photograph people at in City Park is in front of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. There are gardens and grassy areas here and this is where you will find the city and mountain view at sunset.

While there are many great locations in Denver to have your family photo session taken, City Park is one of the most popular and one of my favorite locations to photograph. The photo opportunities are endless and kids love this spot too

If you would like to book a Denver family photo session at City Park, contact me here, or Call me at 808-344-1550.

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