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Denver Senior Photo Season is Upon Us

Updated: Sep 21

I recently moved to Denver from Maui where I worked as a family photographer, mostly for visiting tourists. For whatever reason, senior photo shoots were not very popular on Maui. In fact, the only senior photo shoot I did on Maui was for a young woman who came to visit the island last year at spring break with her family. Her mom booked a family photo session with me and asked if I could also take her daughter’s portrait for her senior photos. This was my first attempt, and I absolutely loved it! In contrast to shooting families, I enjoyed working one-on-one with someone. Plus, teenage girls these days are so comfortable in front of the camera, growing up in today’s world of selfies and social media!

So naturally, when I moved to Denver last fall, I thought it would be fun to start photographing seniors. Luckily, my niece Camryn, who lives in my hometown of Cincinnati, was starting her senior year and was totally up for doing a senior session with me when I went home to visit in October. She knew of many great locations, such as an abandoned railroad bridge that I could have never found on my own. We collaborated on several outfits and jewelry before we left. She did her own hair and minimal makeup(she’s doesn’t need much!). And we were off for a fun day of photography!

I knew I wanted a natural, beautiful location and an urban location so we first headed to Ault Park, the local park where her and her friends often hang out after school and on weekends. There we got some nice nature shots and the shots on the abandoned railroad bridge in two different outfits. Then we headed downtown for some urban shots and a couple more outfit changes. In all, she had four different outfits that day. I loved all the images from that day’s shoot, but I especially loved the images on the railroad bridge and the urban images.

The next day we headed to Cincinnati Nature Center, for which she chose a more casual fall outfit, a cute fleece vest with jeans. We were able to get some pretty sweet images there as well and spend some more quality time together.

The shoot with Camryn went so well, that it solidified my decision of pursuing seniors as a niche in Denver. This city is filled with so much visual stimulation and natural beauty. Colorado is such a beautiful state for pretty much any kind of photography!

This summer will be a very busy senior photo season for Denver senior photographers. This will be my first summer here photographing seniors, and hopefully it will be a busy one for me as well. If you would like to book a senior photo shoot for your senior or just consult with me about one, click here to go to my contact page. I’m available in locations all over Denver and am up for going up to the mountains as well.

I’m also available to do Denver family photo sessions. You can click here to view some reviews from some of my Maui family photo sessions.

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