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Family Photo Session at Polo Beach, Wailea

Updated: Jan 10

Family dressed in blue walks along Maui beach shoreline with palm trees behind them.

Maui family dressed in blue pose for a family photo on a Maui beach

Family dressed in blue playfully jump in the air during a family photo shoot on the shoreline of a Maui beach

Maui family poses on a big rock during a sunset Maui beach family photo shoot

Husband and wife dressed in blue look at one another during a beach photo shoot at sunset on Maui

Maui couple poses for photo on sand with their two sons hugging them from behind.

Mom poses with her two sons during a photo shoot on a Maui beach at susnet

Maui family looks out at the ocean during a sunset photo shoot

If you would like to schedule a family photo session at Polo Beach for your family while vacationing on Maui, just click here to contact me. And for some tips on preparing for a family photo session, you can read my blog post here.

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