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How to Get Your Children Ready for Their First Family Photo Shoot

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Family posed on grass for photo
Preparing your kids for their first family photo session will result in images like this.

For many families, family photo sessions are a yearly ritual. They allow you to document the changes, progress, and memorable experiences that your family experiences throughout the year. However, for kids, particularly if it is their first time, the experience can be a combination of enthusiasm and apprehension. Proper preparation may help ensure that the shoot goes well and that everyone has a good time. If you're organizing family photo sessions in Denver, Colorado, use these ideas to make sure your kids are prepared and comfortable.

1. Let Your Kids Know What to Expect.

Sit down with your kids and go through what to expect from the shoot. Children often dread the unfamiliar. Explain the procedure to them, stressing the enjoyable elements. Inform them about the photographer and the location (particularly if it's a gorgeous Denver background), and that it's a time to grin, pose, and perhaps even play.

2. Let Them Wear Comfortable Clothes They Like

Choose clothing that your kids like and feel good in. Consider doing a test run a few days before the session. This is good to do, not just to check the appearance of the garments, but also to guarantee that your kids feel confident and comfortable in them. Remember that the most genuine smiles happen when people are comfortable!

3. Ensure They are Well Rested and Fed

The importance of timing cannot be overstated. Schedule the photo shoot around a time when your children are typically awake and in a good mood. Avoid periods when they would normally sleep or eat. If your family photo session is planned around lunch or dinner, make sure they've eaten. A small snack might also help them maintain their energy levels. A happy kid is one who is well-fed and well-rested.

4. Bring a Favorite Toy or Blanket of Theirs

A familiar item may provide comfort in strange situations for younger kids. Bringing along a treasured teddy bear, favorite toy, or cherished blanket might give them a feeling of security. In certain circumstances, using these props in photographs may provide a personal touch that captures their little spirits.


Preparing your children for their first photo shoot doesn't have to be a huge effort. It can be a fun experience for everyone if you prepare ahead of time and pay attention to their comfort. With a little effort, the end result can be beautiful images that showcase your family's love and unique personality.

With its stunning backgrounds, Denver is a perfect location for your first family photo shoot. And making sure your children are prepared will help you make the most of the gorgeous surroundings!

Have you ever had family photos taken in Denver, Colorado? Please share your thoughts and advice in the comments section below. We'd be delighted to hear from you!

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