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Love of Maui Captured by Wailea Family Photographer

Updated: Jan 8

Family poses for photo at sunset on beautiful Maui beach

Love of Maui captured by Wailea family photographer~

Maui has a lot of meaning for some families who come back frequently to the island to spend quality time with their family. A few weeks ago I met and photographed one such family from San Diego, the Hampsons. Dave, his wife Dahlaine, and their two sons Brian and Jacob have been to Maui five times now and say it is one of their favorite places on earth as it holds many memories and good times between them. Jacob’s girlfriend, Hayley, has joined them the last two times.

Family holds hands on beach with palm trees in background dressed in blue and white outfits

“Maui  has come to represent family in the truest sense of the word.  A trip to Maui is our time to get away from our fast paced lives and relax together in paradise, have fun, and reconnect,” Dave said.

Though they come to do some relaxing, they also pack their Maui vacations with lots of fun activities that have bonded them to the island even more.

Family gets goofy for family photo shoot at sunset on Wailea beach on Maui

Family dressed in blue and white pose in greenery at edge of Wailea beach on Maui

“Some of our fondest memories have taken place on this magical island. Our first time snorkeling, swimming with the turtles, hiking through the rain forests to explore waterfalls, taking a leap of faith and jumping off the cliffs and into the water, zip lining with incredible views of Kapalua, and parasailing in Kaanapali are some of the many adventures we have enjoyed on Maui,” Hampson said of what Maui means to their family.

Family poses for photo in green field

Couple poses for photo  with trees behind them

This year Dave and Dahlaine wanted to capture their family’s love of Maui with a family photo session in Wailea.

Couple looks lovingly at each other during photo shoot on Maui in greenery at edge of beach.

Two brothers goof around on Wailea, Maui beach at sunset.

Family walks along water line on Wailea, Maui beach during photo shoot.

Two boys kiss their Mom on the cheek during Maui photo session

“The pictures you took of our family certainly help make this another special trip. I think you were able to capture the love and happiness we have together as a family. In the years to come I know we will cherish looking back at all the beautiful pictures you have given us,” Dave said of their Maui photo shoot.

It was lots of fun photographing this adventurous, fun-loving family! Thanks Dave, Dahlaine, Brian, Jacob and Hayley for choosing me as your Wailea family photographer this year!

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If your family is coming to Maui this summer, Wailea or the Lahaina, you an schedule your family photo session by contacting me here. Or you can call me directly at 808.344.1550.

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