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Maui Family Photo Session at DT Fleming Beach

Updated: Jan 10

Couple and their two daughters run up from the shoreline during their photo shoot.

Stephanie Winters and her husband Adam first came to Maui eight years ago for their honeymoon. As most people do who come to Maui, the couple fell in love with the beauty of the island and wanted to bring their girls, Addison, 4, and Ava, 1, to see and experience it as well once the girls were old enough to enjoy it.

Stephanie contacted me before the family arrived, and we decided on a morning Maui family photo session at DT Fleming Beach north of Lahaina. The light is really beautiful and soft here in the morning as the sun has not yet come up over the West Maui mountains. It’s also not very crowded in the morning at this beach.

Couple in white and tan hold each other on beach for Maui family photo shoot

Little girl in pink holds a rock and a stick while looking at the camera on a Maui beach for photo shoot

Toddler in pink looks up during a beach family photo shoot on Maui

The couple met in college playing sports and still share a love of all things that keep them moving! Maui was the perfect place to come for both rest and activities. The family snorkeled and surfed but also just hung out on the beach. The girls particularly loved playing in the sand and watching the high surf that week. Coming from Minnesota, however, Stephanie and Adam admitted that what they enjoyed most was the sun and warm weather!

Stephanie invited her Mom Laura to enjoy family time with them on Maui. It was Laura’s first time on Maui, and she got to enjoy hanging out with her grandkids while also taking in the sun and sights. She also gave Stephanie and Adam some much-needed relief from running after two active little girls!

Father twirls his young daughter around on the beach shoreline on Maui during a family photo shoot.

Addison loved playing on the beach with dad Adam.

Couple holds up their two daughters while back to back on Maui beach shoreline.

Family of 5 wearing blue and pink pose for a family photo on Maui beach

Thanks Stephanie, Adam, Laura, Addison and Ava for choosing me as your Maui family photographer!

If you would like to book a family photo session at DT Fleming Beach while vacationing on Maui, just click here to contact me or call me at 808-344-1550.

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