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Bay Area Couple Chooses Maui for Destination Wedding

Updated: Jan 8

Couple holds hands and laughs while walking through a green field after Maui beach wedding ceremony

Billie and Carl’s love story began 13 years ago when they were introduced through mutual friends. They quickly grew close, fell in love and became best friends but were firm in their decision to get an education and focus on their careers. The couple supported one another through many late night study sessions and busy schedules of juggling work, school and family, but knew that one day they would marry. That time was just not then.

Couple poses in green covered ground with bride looking at photographer and husband looking at bride.

The years went by quickly, as they often do, and before they knew it, Wyatt was graduating high school and beginning his adult life. Carl and Billie, who had never even taken a vacation together, started to talk about  getting married and were considering a destination wedding on Maui to do so.

Couple poses holding hands and heads together

Couple laughs as they embrace during photo shoot after maui beach wedding

Couple laughs as they sit on a tree during photo shoot

Bride leans against black rock on maui beach as husband looks lovingly at her during their wedding photo shoot.

Photo of grooms dress shoes and bride's white flip flops that they wore for their Maui beach wedding ceremony

Grooms twirls his bride around during a fun photo session after their Maui beach wedding.

Couple embrace on Maui beach shoreline during their wedding photo shoot.

Couple looks at one another standing on shoreline of Maui beach after wedding ceremony.

Couple laughs as they walk hand in hand along maui beach

Couple hug as they pose for photo on maui beach shoreline with black rock around them

Billie and Carl married privately in the Lahaina courthouse with just the two of them. They chose to do the photo session afterwards with me on Po’olenalena Beach in Wailea. At the end, I asked them if they would like to do some trash-the-dress photos. They happily obliged, and we got some really fun photos to top off their beautiful wedding day!

Couple walks into ocean with their wedding outfits on

Couple kiss on shoreline after maui beach wedding ceremony.

Newly married couple walks into the ocean with their wedding outfits on

Couple sit on beach and kiss during wedding photo shoot on maui beach.

Couple has their backs to me white sitting on the beach

This shoot was definitely one of my most memorable as this couple truly exemplified a couple in love and is the reason I love my job so much!!

Thank you Billie and Carl for choosing me to be your Maui wedding photographer! Congratulations on your union, and I wish you many more years of happiness together.

Billie decided to have me create a wedding album for her and Carl to forever enjoy their photos. However, there are many other ways to share photos with your friends and loved ones, and this blog post is a great resource for brides looking to do so,

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