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Vow Renewal Photography Session in Wailea

Updated: Jan 10

Couple embrace on beach with black rock surrounding them after their vow renewal ceremony on a Maui beach

Mike and Teri Radcliffe renewed their vows on Maui  last week  after 25 years of marriage. Mike surprised Teri by flying in their two sons to celebrate with them.

I love documenting couples in love and am constantly awed by the level of love I get to witness at times between couples I photograph. Teri and Mike Radcliffe are a perfect example.

The couple came to Maui last week to renew their wedding vows as part of their 25-year anniversary celebration. The couple started talking about what they wanted to do for this milestone anniversary three years ago. Teri wanted to include family, but the thought of renewing their vows surrounded by the beautiful Maui scenery was too tempting to pass up.

So, the couple went forward with their plans to renew their vows alone on Maui. Fortunately for Teri, her thoughtful husband had bigger plans in mind. Mike surprised her by flying in their two college-aged sons so that the four of them could celebrate the momentous occasion together! For Teri, this was,”the most epic surprise I have ever had. Our boys standing on the beach with us, sharing in this moment.”

Mom reaches out to hug her sons on a Maui beach

Teri hugs her sons after they surprise her at the start of the vow renewal ceremony at The Four Seasons Resort in Wailea, Maui.

Couple and their two sons gather for their vow renewal ceremony on a Maui beach while the officiant holds their leis.

Reverend Al Terry of Makena Weddings performed the ceremony.

The couple wanted to make this ceremony special in other ways as well. Teri had her original wedding dressed altered, and the couple also decided to write their own vows this time around. For their wedding, they both repeated traditional vows.

Woman looks lovingly at her husband as he reads his vows to her during their vow renewal ceremony on Maui

It was an honor to photograph this beautiful couple as they celebrated 25 loving, committed years together. The respect they showed one another was touching and inspiring. This is one couple who has gotten the marriage thing right and are a great example to us all. This was an experience I won’t soon forget. Thanks for letting me be a part of your very special day and for choosing me to capture your vow renewal photography session.

woman holds her husband's face

Couple and their two grown sons pose for a photo on a maui beach surrounded by black rock.

If you would like to book a vow renewal photography session in Wailea with me while on Maui, click here to contact me or call me at 808-344-1550.

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