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Documentary Vow Renewal Photography on Maui

Updated: Jan 8

Man kisses his wife's forehead as they embrace during a photo session on maui beach

Love at first sight…It’s a cliche that doesn’t actually fit into many people’s love story. With Brandon and Melissa, however, it is exactly how he describes the first time he met his now-wife, Melissa. The two met at a mutual friend’s house in 2002 when they were just 19. Later that night, when Brandon got home, he told his female roommate about the amazing woman he met who he hoped would one day be his wife. Turns out, that roommate was Melissa’s best friend!

Man kisses his wife on the cheek during photo session after vow renewal ceremony on Maui beach

With some plotting between Brandon and his roommate and much persistence on Brandon’s part, Melissa and Brandon were soon dating and fell in love. The pair dated for several years while Melissa was in college. They got pregnant with their first child, daughter Mackenzie, when Melissa was 22. At 23, once she had graduated college, the couple sealed the deal and married. In 2010, they completed their family with the addition of son, Cole.

Couple look at one another during their vow renewal ceremony on Maui with their kids in blue outfits.

Officiant blows a conch shell at the end of a vow renewal ceremony on maui

As the couple’s 10-year anniversary approached, they knew they wanted to celebrate in a big way. They both were very proud of what they had accomplished as a family and wanted their kids to see them renew their vows.

Man puts his hand on son's shoulder as wife reads her vows to him on a beach on Maui

Couple holds hands during vow renewal ceremony on maui

Woman cried as she recites her vows during a vow renewal ceremony on a Maui beach

Couple and their family and friends gather on a Maui beach for a vow renewal ceremony

Couple kisses at the end of their sunset vow renewal ceremony on maui

Couple looks up for photo with woman holding flower bouquet

Couple in white outfits looks out at ocean from sandy beach on Maui

Woman in white dress and bouquet poses for photo

Man poses for photo after vow renewal ceremony

Couple kiss under tall palm tree on maui beach after vow renewal ceremony

Coules clutch hands leaned up against black rock on maui beach

Couple looks at one another during photo shoot on rocky shoreline of maui beach at sunset

Couple poses in embrace on Maui beach after vow renewal ceremony.

Couple walks hand in hand during photo session after their documentary vow renewal on a maui beach at sunset

Couple poses for photo shoot on rocky shoreline of maui beach

Couple looks lovingly at one another leaned up again black rock on a maui beach

Man helps his wife navigate the rocky shoreline on a maui beach

couple kisses at the end of their vow renewal on a beach on maui

The night couldn’t have been more perfect for this sweet family as they celebrated 10 amazing years together. The weather was perfect, friends and family were surrounding them, and the sunset was another amazing Maui sunset! Thanks Melissa and Brandon for choosing me as your documentary vow renewal photographer!

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