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Denver Family Photo Session at Commons Park and Millenium Bridge

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Family sitting on Millenium Bridge for family portrait.
The Nguyen family loved their family photo session that we did in downtown Denver at Millenium Bridge and Commons Park. It’s a nice urban location for kids with many photo opportunities.

Fall is a very popular time for Denver families to request photo shoots. Living close to downtown Denver, I’m familiar with a lot of good urban locations which some Denver Moms love as a photo backdrop.

Millenium Bridge/Commons Park near the Platte River is a fun spot with lots of different visually appealing aspects to it. I recently photographed the Nguyen family there. Huyen, her husband Truong, and their two kids Jennifer, 2, and Jason, 4, were all in for this urban shoot!

When we first arrived, we had to walk a little ways from where we parked to get to the interesting parts of the park. Our first spot was a fun little nook beneath the stairs that made for a nice concrete backdrop.

Family sitting on concrete for urban photo shoot.
The concrete under the bridge made for a nice spot to get the family posed.

Little boy and his little sister playing during photo shoot.
The kids loved playing under the stairs.
Mom and daughter in matching outfits at Commons Park in Denver.
Mother/daughter matching outfits added some fun to the experience the family had with me.

Family walking on pathway posing for family portrait.
A beautiful tree-lined pathway that runs along the river also made for some great photo opportunities. Both kids loved sitting up on Dad’s shoulders.

Family walking along path for family portrait at Commons Park in Denver.
Walking along the pathway gave the kids a chance to get out some energy and not get bored during the shoot. Jason was full of energy that day!

As we made our way to the stairs that go up to the bridge, we stopped for some photos where there is a kid-friendly water feature and some cool red vertical poles that the family enjoyed playing around.

Son on Dad's shoulders and Mom holding little girl in front of fountain at Commons Park in Denver

Little boy playing in front of fountain at Commons Park in Denver.

Family playing around red vertical poles at Commons Park in Denver.

The final part of the shoot we headed to the bridge where we got the nice family portrait at the top of this page, but we also got some fun candid ones.

Little boy smiling while playing with Dad at Millenium Bridge in Denver.
Jason, 4, thoroughly enjoyed the photo session!

Mother, son and daughter posing for photo at Millenium Bridge in Denver.
Huyen with Jason and Jennifer

If you would like to book a Denver family photo session at Millenium Bridge and Commons Park, contact me here, or Call me at 808-344-1550.

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